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The 29th annual Essence Festival of Culture is underway in New Orleans, with a salute to Black women highlighting culture


Villain Airfield Roll אני AV I like a big old house party family reunion and I really love it. Particularly this is hip hop, the 50 years of hip hop and I am a hip hop person. I did originally want to come for the music but once I saw everything that was happening at the convention center, 

I knew that I wanted to spend every day here and walking in and seeing the first booth about band books was exceptional. I've been in education for 26 years and a lot of the books over there I already have for my students to read 

and so I had an opportunity to get something different. It's important for black communities to have access and opportunity that they don't always get and so an event like this brings people from all over the world and it brings them together 

and it just reminds each and every one of us that there are opportunities out there. 


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