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Prosecutors said Friday that they have turned over more than 80,000 pages of materials to U.S. Rep. George Santos’ lawyers in the federal fraud and money laundering case against him.


New York Congressman George Santos made his first appearance in federal court after pleading not guilty last month to 13 counts of wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds,
and making false statements to Congress. The hearing lasted just under five minutes. Prosecutors did mention they turned over more than 80 ,000 pages of evidence to the defense. Those wide range of documents reflects the many charges against Santos.
He's accused of duping his donors, stealing from his campaign, collecting fraudulent unemployment benefits, and lying to Congress about being a millionaire. Santos didn't speak to reporters as he left the courthouse, but he was greeted by about
a dozen of his constituents who called on him to resign. And they said House Republicans should expel him from Congress if he doesn't agree to resign. Santos is due back in court on September 7th. 


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