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George Santos appeared in federal court Friday, his first time in court since pleading not guilty last month to charges of money laundering, wire fraud


Now! Santa's out! Now! Santa's out! Now! Santa's out! Say your full name as fellow. Hey guys, my name is Richard Ostoff. It's time for him to go. George, wake up, do the right thing, step down before you're indicted again,
and step down before you're found guilty and sentenced. Be a man for the first time in your life. You know George, you might not be in here right now for my stuff, for Sapphire, but you're paying the piper. It's time to pay the piper and the piper's calling you.
Finally caught up. You knew you had all these skeletons in your closet, George, and you probably got a lot more that we haven't seen yet. Santa's out! Santa's out! Santa's out! 


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