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An operator of the underwater robot described the mission to find the lost Titan submersible on the ocean floor more than 12,000 feet underwater.


Surely after arriving on the seafloor, we discovered the debris of the Titan Suburban. Of course, we continued to document the site and by 12 o 'clock, Stanley Arresting turned to recovery. 

I have to apologize for the still -vailable iron. A lot of emotions people are talking about. We've always wanted to be available for these types of situations. Wish the call never came, but we wanted to be ready when it did. 

It's designed to withstand depths up to 6 ,000 meters. All the equipment, everything on there has to operate at that depth. Can you describe the mood in the room for you and the crew and the pressure that you were feeling as time ticked away? 

I can answer that actually pretty simply. We were focused at the job at hand. That's what we do. That's what all of these people do. We were laser focused on rescue. Of course, we had to describe several scenarios, but we were not set for anything else but recovering that submersible. 

And that's what everybody was focused on. So it was laser focused. Job at hand, safety, get it done. 


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